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Branding .. your business’ personality.

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Here we outline the stepping stones of creating a brand and brand communications. Be warned: building a brand is not the work of five minutes – a brand can take years to be established, recognised and loved.

There is a basic list of things to consider and be sure of. These apply to a startup brand and equally to a brand that finds itself needing a refresh due to an M&A, repositioning for a new audience or a more contemporary look.

The branding checklist:

  1. Understand your brand – what kind of brand are you?
  2. Understand what makes you different – why are you different?
  3. Understand your brand’s voice and tone-of-voice.
  4. Understand your vision and message… what’s your story?
  5. Understand who you want to appeal to.
  6. Define your ‘look and feel’.
  7. Adopt your brand throughout your organisation.. it’s your culture – it’s your business’ personality.

We can help and guide you through every stage – it’s a process. It’s design thinking; applied.

Your brand, and it’s consistency, is vitally important for your business. It creates a perceived value, encourages loyalty, positions your business in the marketplace, attracts the best personnel, underpins the culture within your business and is an asset.

Brand communications

One important thing to always keep in mind: your logo isn’t your brand! Your logo is your signature.. your brand is your personality – your brand is how people think about you, how they like you, what they say about you when you’re not in the room.

The graphic design of your brand must be individual to your organisation – you never get a second chance at a first impression! …But, your brand isn’t just that first impression – it is the ongoing relationship with that customer. The experience they have when interacting with your brand and your people – the service they get or the welcome they get at reception.

Designing a brand – building a brand experience.

The creative design, the tone-of-voice and the look-and-feel is the basis for building that relationship with the customer. If it is a good experience the customer is more likely to recommend and endorse your brand. Each customer is a brand ambassador for you.

We can help you through every stage of building a brand. We have created brand guideline manuals for many businesses. Designing every element of brand communications. From truck livery, signage and interior branding for reception and meeting rooms all the way to logo (corporate identity), website graphics, presentations, magazines, exhibition stands and full marketing communication packages.

Now the business world has embraced digital it is ever more crucial to get your brand communications right – to be seen and heard above the noise. We work with brands to create digital content, social media and online marketing communications that is compelling, relevant and works for you.

Things to consider if you are considering a brand refresh:

Since starting the business how has the business changed? How has the customer changed? How does your brand stand up to your competition? How does your brand fit into your business and marketing plans for the future in the ‘new normal’?

For businesses and brands facing these challenges we are here to help. We are commercially savvy and understand the value and power of brand communications.

Let us empower your brand. Contact us and we can talk through the process and hopefully organise your first branding workshop to get an understanding of where your brand is now. Wouldn’t that be interesting and a great place to start.