It is as hard to place sponsorship as it is to find it. But we know sponsorship, we really know sponsorship in motorsport and – whether it’s two wheels or four – we know how sponsorship works on both sides of the garage.

Sponsorship is not for the faint-hearted, it requires a commitment in budget, time and money and you need the right people on your team to plan, prepare and implement a sponsorship program that drives your business.

From selecting the environment to promote your brand, be it a championship, a team, a driver or rider, and choosing the type of sponsorship to match your demographic, current and future territories, to managing the exit at the end of a programme, sb:mktg brings years of experience to your team; and brings the opportunity to develop strategic relationships to drive real business development and revenue, through creatively structured and manageable sponsorship activation.

Make your sponsorship work for you. Let’s activate.