Campaign Planning.

Whether it’s a new project or a marketing plan that may have lost power or gone off track, there’s a lot to consider. Brand and design management, internal and external communications, international event calendar, territorial rollout, staff training, hospitality, logistics, etc… oh, and marketing. But we’ve thought of it all; so we’ve got you covered.

There is more to a motorsport sponsorship or marketing activation campaign than making sure your brand is visible on the car or bike. From the marketung materials to selecting the coffee and champagne, and making sure the doormats and toilets are clean at the event, each race is a catalyst for a myriad of marketing activities that reach far beyond the track to your staff, partners, resellers, dealerships, distributors, customers and prospects. But before the race even starts, sb:mktg provides concept development consulting, thriving on the team dynamic, motivation and impetus that brainstorming & road-mapping can bring to each project, bringing fresh eyes & minds and intuitive marketing thinking; and a plan…

A campaign plan is essential – essential to understanding why you are doing it, what your aims and ambitions are, to creating a strategy that all stakeholders buy into, to fully integrating all marketing activities with a cohesive and consistent visual image and tone-of-voice, and essential to measuring your return on objectives.

sb:mktg has spent 25+yrs planning and delivering the essentials. Now let’s discuss your objectives.