Public Relations.

PR has expanded exponentially from the printed page, extending beyond the shelf-life of a magazine, the boundaries of your City, County or Country, allowing information to be offered daily, hourly, globally. It’s central to your marketing communications; and something we happen to know quite a bit about.

Your tone-of-voice is incredibly powerful, photography and film are enormously valuable; all assets with which to convey your brand’s essence, emotion and message. From studio photo shoots and location video through to social media reportage of your event, sb:mktg will capture it so your brand can benefit and share the experience across your social media and web platforms… allowing your audiences to embrace, adopt and endorse your brand with every like & share.

But don’t you want something new, something that really grabs attention? In our persuit of memorable, manageable and affordable PR initiatives and campaigns for our clients, we have collaborated with media partners, journalists and celebrities, delivered Track Days, Air Shows, Show Vehicles, Special Events, Exhibitions with bespoke stand design, Pop-Ups, Sampling, Data Capture, Experiential, Launch Parties, Road Trips and Tours. We’re chock-full of fresh, creative ideas and concepts… some of them crazy, but all of them worth exploring!


Fresh PR for you is all in a day’s work for us. Lets get the ideas flowing.