Digital marketing.

Digital marketing & Social Media … The Web, Blogosphere – Blogs, Bloggers / Vlogs and Vloggers, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook bits; the animations, e-shots, words, film and photos… we simplify the ‘techie’ stuff to get digital driving your brand.

Yes, your website must be easy to navigate and platform responsive, it must be alive, fresh, vibrant, interesting, original, better, faster and intuitive. But social media platforms have taken the online presence beyond websites… so, be social, have conversations, be approachable, have fun, talk about stuff, allow your brand to have a personality, allow your community to relate to you, to like you – to want to follow you.

Your digital marketing and online brand persona is at the core of marketing communications; it is vital that your internet presence is integrated into all aspects of your marketing communications. You need to decide if you are sales led or marketing led; decide to create an engaging brand experience or take that brand experience further and touch people’s lives. Your digital marketing has to be right for your target audience in look, feel, tone-of-voice and usability. It has to be relevant, in context and knowledgeable… and timing is crucial. So bring in sb:mktg and we will create, deliver znd manage digital marketing strategies and content that generate traffic, generate buzz, and build your digital brand.

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