Design and Graphic design.

Design and graphic design is a powerful asset for any business. An asset applied to your marketing communications, product, packaging, promotion, exhibitions, interiors, environments, print, digital, brand development etc… good design sets you apart, gives you ‘differential’, competitive advantage and, when used and managed in the right way, will drive your business’ brand, signature and culture. 

Design, in whatever form, touches every aspect of an organisation and strongly influences the audience’s perceived value of the business, it’s products and/or services. Your audience are your staff, partners, suppliers, customers and prospects, so ranging from product & packaging graphics to environmental branding & interior design, we see design as a powerful investment in your business that underpins your brand identity, and creates the template for how you present your business to all audiences.

Design is powerful; the management and consolidating this asset throughout an organisation is critical – to perceptions of status and confidence in your business, to streamline and accelerate the integration of Corporate Identity and marketing communications during M&A, for fast-growth businesses that have lost control of their design assets or suffered ‘regional adaptations’ that need realigning – we have experience of handling projects like this. Whether consolidating, creating or being consulted on creative direction, we are designers and love the design and creative process.

Design influences the culture of a business, sets the discipline in the brand guidelines, defines all aspects of your corporate identity… everything from the reception desk and pictures on the wall through to the business stationery and financial report. Design is also a driver in how your business’ culture embraces innovation and entrepreneurship; how your team presents itself on track or to potential partners and sponsors… the car livery, the ‘deck’, the transporter, apparel and garage or pit boards. As the old saying goes… if it looks good it probably is.

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