Logo, brand… what’s the difference? Let’s take you for example: your fingerprint is your unique logo, your icon; whereas your personality is your brand, what people think of you, their emotional link to you. Your brand is one of your greatest assets and influences thought, loyalty, desirability, buying decisions and perceived value. Your brand defines where your business sits among your peers and competitors; your brand influences your business’ ability to retain and recruit the best personnel. Your brand is important.

Branding is not something that takes five minutes. A brand is something to be nurtured, guided; a personality that connects with your people, partners, suppliers, customers and prospects. Your brand is influenced by many factors and touches every part of the business. Everyone is a stakeholder.

Orchestrating and managing a brand as it develops is one aspect of what we do, but, if your brand has lost its way, it’s personality or it’s identity, a fresh set of eyes can provide a new perspective and redefine its direction. In either case, creating a brand strategy is the first step.

How do you keep your brand relevant? Ask yourself the question – has your business stayed the same while your audience and products or service has moved with the times?

Does your marketing communications reflect your brand? … everything from your logo, website and employees handbook right through to social media and environmental branding.

Is it time to step things up and utilise your brand to drive business, reach new audiences, get noticed, motivate staff, energise your network or stimulate sales? A step in the right direction is to take a long hard look at your brand and how you care for it, create a brand guideline manual if you haven’t got one already (if you have; does it need a refresh?) and then develop a brand communication plan.

What’s the next step? Talk to us.