Blank Sheet.

At sb:mktg we know start-ups; we’ve started, built, funded, grown and sold businesses, we’ve worked with Angels and VCs… our founder has been an ‘Entrepreneur in Residence’ at both CASS Business School, London and University of Reading, UK, a Business Angel, and a CEO Mentor; we know what you’re going through and, more importantly, what you’re going to go through.

Because we know – and know it’s tough to know when to bring someone in – we have two offerings that allow you to set the pace:

Go-to-Market Services: bring in the expertise now that usually takes a while to acquire. Branding, marketing and sales are a big part of your future, a big part of your business and it’s difficult to correct if you get it wrong – so it’s critical you get it right from the start. Give us a little bit of time, some good coffee and a whiteboard, and we will get you firing on all cylinders from the off.

Mentoring for Entrepreneurs: keep doing what you’re doing, but with us on team radio keeping you on track. Each session delivers realistic, workable and affordable outcomes, either confirming you’re heading in the right direction or giving you the ‘heads-up’ on navigation for the next stages.

Those who can do… and we have. Let’s talk about driving business.