Accelerate Business.

We understand sales, we understand marketing, we understand business; more importantly, we understand what goes into the mix when developing the communications that drive business, brand awareness and accelerated sales opportunities.

A properly developed go-to-market strategy aligns the business, its people, its products and its services to the needs, expectations and demands of its audience. Understanding your current customers / clients is key to success; as is the ability to identify market trends and sales opportunities… it isn’t just the sales team that is responsible for sales – the whole business and its culture is geared to sales and generating brand awareness to promote or underpin sales activities.

Marketing is worthless unless it results in sales or meets its Return On Objectives [ROO] … events often play a key role in presenting the products or services to an identified target audience. Capturing data to feed the CRM system and prospecting database, networking utilising engagement and experiential methods and techniques – all supported with powerful branding and messages.

sb:mktg has experience in sales support across many sectors – from B2C luxury and automotive to B2B software and logistics. Brigading and motivating an internal or external sales team, a dealer network, distributors or VARs is not a quick fix and requires a strategy, implementation plan and a dedicated budget… and needs to be a long term activity if it is to give the returns it should. Marketing is a vital part of successful businesses, the engine that powers sales, business growth and product development – marketing gives you the shop window, the competitive advantage and the market intelligence that enables your business to increase profitability and sustained growth.

Driving business is not just about automation tools, sales velocity equations or data analytics; it’s also about the careful development and implementation of design, messaging and communication. A sales driven marketing plan also encompasses competitive, SWOT and gap analysis, training and mentoring plus an integrated approach to supporting and stimulating sales.

Whatever the stage of your business, contact sb:mktg and get your sales and marketing on track.