Corporate Identity.

In other words, your logo, colour, typeface… your visual identifiers – instantly recognisable, unique to you. It’s the face of your business; and we can take care of your look.

We love creating and designing logos, a Corporate Identity, evolving them to keep them fresh and contemporary, updating them to reflect a shift in status, and redeveloping them during brand consolidation or M&A. We also know it’s one thing to want a new or revamped logo and quite another to implement & manage the change. So, at sb:mktg we do both.

Creating a Corporate Identity, a logo, from scratch is a process; particularly if this also requires naming the business. A process that includes research, competitive analysis, cultural and legal investigation and checks that digital and internet assets are available worldwide. The Corporate Identity or logo of a business or organisation is an asset and has an equity value. sb:mktg has created Corporate Identities for businesses in many sectors including FMCG, Charity and B2B plus created logos that sit within the hierarchy of a master logo for anniversary, products and packaging projects. We also love the creation and implementation of a Corporate Identity; creating the Corporate Identity Guideline Manual and then applying the logo [CI] throughout a business – everything from business cards to vehicle livery and beyond.

Changing a Corporate Identity (the visual imagery) will not always impact your overall Brand Identity (the brand essence the business wants to purvey) and certainly won’t change your Brand Image (what the customers perceive the brand to be). Only product appeal, fuctionality, value and good customer experience can maintain a healthy brand image; but taking one more crucial step, by creating (and sticking to) Brand & Corporate Identity Guidelines, you will instil your brand values throughout your business to ensure your message is consistent at every point – look, feel, tone-of-voice and how your business communicate with its customers.


If you want to be remembered, we’ll help you make your mark.