Logo, brand… what’s the difference? Let’s take you for example: your fingerprint is your unique logo, your icon; whereas your personality is your brand, what people think of you, their emotional link to you. We’ll make your brand your greatest asset.

Branding is not something that takes five minutes. A brand is something to be nurtured, guided; a personality that connects with your people, partners, suppliers, customers and prospects. Your brand is influenced by many factors and touches every part of the business. Everyone is a stakeholder.

Orchestrating and managing a brand as it develops is one aspect of what we do, but if your brand has lost its way, it’s personality or it’s identity, a fresh set of eyes can provide a new perspective and redefine its direction. In either case, creating a brand strategy is the first step; and sb:mktg can be your guide.


Want to be liked? Let’s bring your personality out.