Style Icon: Ruby Helmets

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There are three main qualities that make Ruby Helmets stand out from the rest: Style, Design and Quality. Of course these are not the only reasons you should think of Ruby Helmets before the rest of them and, sure, there are plenty of tried and tested helmets out there in the market – we’re not slating them at all! But phwoar… what a sexy range of lids Ruby Helmets have crafted.

From Open Face to Full Face helmets, Leather Jackets and Gloves – Ruby Helmets has you covered – head to their website to check out their incredible and diverse range. Here is a little snippet from the Vision section on their website: “Integrating our relationship with the motorcycle, automobile, bicycle … wheeled machines invented by Man to sublimate his kinetic abilities, defy time, space, and satisfy an appetite for the epic.”

Ruby Helmets also recently sponsored the Wheels & Waves event in Biarritz, gathering people with a united passion for “wheeled machines invented by Man” in the South of France, the event also has arts, music, design and surfing – If you haven’t heard about it then follow that link to find out more.