The Style of Patina…

Posted in Bikes, Design, Lifestyle, Motorcycles, Movies, Recyc, stylist, Uncategorized on 04/09/2018

jpeg-7What is it about old stuff? Maybe it’s just us but we love old watches, cars, aircraft, furniture, typography, photography, buildings, design and motorcycles… is it the way they look or does it go deeper than that? This isn’t a fleeting hark back to the past that masquerades as ‘retro’ but a very real appreciation and respect for the style, craft, ingenuity and innovation that emits from every rusty bolt, flaking sign, perished leather or faded paint.

Patina? …if only the machines of yesteryear could talk!

There was a time when the current craze was to restore to ‘better than new’ condition – hell to that! Thank goodness the caretakers of now have realised you can’t replicate history and the collectors are now seeking ‘barn fresh’ examples and are retaining the precious patina; this is of course reflected in the prices of ‘original’ items but we believe it’s a price worth paying… Dale Walksler is an inspiration to us all!

Apart from being a design company (that also delivers web and social media communications) we are thankfully building a good reputation for designing and building custom motorcycles and have recently been creating a period evocation Alfa Romeo for clients in the UK and Europe. It started off with us needing a motorcycle for a photo shoot and we couldn’t find one that fitted the bill… so we designed and built it. We currently have a number of ‘builds’ in the works – one a Brooklands style motorcycle, a Cafe Racer with a modern twist – and we have just completed a ‘Brat’ motorcycle; all of which, when and where possible, use original mechanicals, parts, styles and craftsmanship.

Some of our creations will be used in the film “Life & Engines” which we are producing and shooting this year.