Life & Engines

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Life & EnginesEveryone seeks their own path during their short time on this spinning rock we call Earth. Some are fortunate and find their inner navigation in time to fully savour their chosen passion; for some it’s sport, for others it might be collecting stamps that fires their rockets or tickles their fancy but for us it is the love of engines that are the beating heart of motorcycles, racing cars and aircraft… and in our view the older the better.

Often referred to as ‘men in sheds’ we as a Global brotherhood can be found off the beaten track in workshops, garages and sheds keeping ourselves happy tinkering and getting our hands dirty. This tinkering can take many forms; breathing life into lumps of metal that have long since been cast aside as the unwanted detritus of the 20th century before being discovered in a barn and recovered to the warmth of a new passionate owner who will lavish irrational amounts of time and money on it before rolling it out into to the sunshine for it to be ‘fired-up’ for the first time… this is a special moment that defies description but is understood with a knowing nod of appreciation by those that have felt it.

Why the misty-eyed rant you may ask? To be able to communicate and provide marketing to automotive brands you simply have to feel it… you can’t learn this stuff from a book! If you want to be able to talk to your car or motorcycle audience with authenticity, knowledge and empathy you have to qualify; you have to have been there and got the t-shirt. You got to feel it… if you have to ask what it feels like you never did it – never got goosebumps when an engine fires up in a distant pit garage, cannot resist looking to the skies at the sound of a Merlin, never only noticed when washing your hands that you’ve skinned a knuckle when reaching for that nut you dropped because your hands were cold, or started a conversation with a stranger with a motorbike and became best friends for an hour. Life & Engines.

(Oh yeah… T-shirts coming soon.)