Cars – Engineered, Sculpted, Designed, Art form or just something to get you from A to Z

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It is highly subjective but cars are automotive sculpture. Cars as an art form; they are (well some are!) pieces of design at the highest level – we’re not talking about the technology here… We’re talking about how they look – the aesthetic, the style and the achingly beautiful lines…

Alfa Romeo Garage - Alfa Romeo - Cars - 1750 GTAm

Don’t know about anyone else but, even though we’re involved in the automotive sector, we sometimes struggle to differentiate between marques of the current era unless it is clearly something exceptional – I guess it must be something to do with a sharing of components and a loss of individualism when faced with the demands of manufacture and trends. Go back a little way and take a look at the selection available to the motorist or car enthusiast – doesn’t matter which Country from which they originate but some design houses really stand out.

Bertone, Pininfarina, Porsche, Giugiaro, Sayer, Spada and Gandini to name a few created some of the most beautiful cars that encapsulate the perfect blend of style and performance.

Alfa Romeo - Cars - 1750 GTAmWe have just completed the build of one such example – the racing version of the Bertone 105 1750 GTV Giulia Coupe from Alfa Romeo – the legendary GTAm.

It became known as the ‘giant killer’ – competing against, and beating, the might of BMW, Ford and others to lift the European Touring Car Championship in the 1970s. It’s small but beautifully formed, dripping with exquisite racing inspired details and clothed with lightweight panels to improve the power-to-weight ratio and further seduce the onlooker with it’s lines and shapes.

Some say you can’t profess to be a petrolhead unless you have owned an Alfa Romeo… we’d agree with the throaty induction roar and razor-sharp handling this little Italian gem delivers unadulterated driving pleasure. First unveiling to the public will be at CarFest North and CarFest South followed by selected events in 2015 in collaboration with Alfa Romeo UK then she’s for sale – possibly the best Alfa Romeo 1750 GTAm Evocazione ever created (but we’re bound to say that!) could be for yours – price on application. So, back on topic and with this type of car as inspiration, why can’t the next generation of ‘designer’ cars be designed to become treasured possessions and classics of the future – it’s purely a personal view but I can’t see myself waiting for the 2035 Goodwood Festival of Speed with breath held to see a lovingly preserved example of the current crop of B segment vehicles!