British Brands: Hiut Denim

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“When the music is loud and the coffee is strong, we can make 100 pairs of Hiut’s a week. One day we will make 120 pairs. So we can scale this thing. Love does scale.”

If you ask us… Hiut Denim have the right philosophy. Stick to what you know and do it best. Following on from a previous post on a similar subject, we can see and feel a huge shift in the paradigm of the “SUPERSTORES”… Now, less people are looking to Topshop, Topman, H&M, Primark, etc. for their Fashion. People are embracing personal branding, hence the huge upsurge in Tattoos; People are accessorising themselves with piercings and custom jewellery and clothing from small businesses, working out of tiny rented spaces with huge rent overheads.

We are very aware of what hardships are attached to starting your own business in the UK – We’ve done it, It ain’t easy! So every bit of spreading the word is appreciated – Hiut and other small British businesses deserve this appreciation.

The video above perfectly displays the level of craft, quality and care that goes in to the production of these jeans, and, to add to the reasons of why you should go “Hiut” on your next clothing hunt: the price tag is ridiculously reasonable. Head to the Hiut website and have a browse.

Hiut Denim – Do One Thing Well.