Red Wing… Boots With a Story

Posted in Bikes, Fashion, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Motorcycles, Recyc, Style Icon, Uncategorized on 26/08/2018


If you own a pair of Red Wing you’ll know what we mean when we say that they are better when they’re beaten to hell. Why? … Every scuff, scar or oil stain tells a story or triggers a memory. The same can be said of your bike jacket or jeans but, for some reason, the patina on a pair of Red Wing almost becomes a treasured possession. Maybe it’s just us living the dream amongst Bobbers, Choppers, Cafe Racers, Brats, Hot Rods, Motorcycles old and new; it’s not just the machines we build and tend, it’s the life and style we chose; the places, people and experiences we enjoy. Red Wing as a brand have recognised that and have seen how their product has been lovingly and loyally adopted by the ‘Life and Engines’ community – so much so they have supported the Southsiders’ WHEELS and WAVES event in Biarritz, held this year from Thursday 12th of June 2014 to Sunday the 15th. A gathering of like-minded souls who gather in the South of France to celebrate their passion for the arts, music, design, surfing and motorcycles… it started as a small get-together but is now Internationally recognised as one of the coolest ‘meets’ of the year.