Style Icon: Officine Autodromo

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Instruments for Motoring…

Want turned into need, need turned into must and, as they say – “the rest is history”. The watches won’t break your bank, will provoke questions (“Oooo… What’s that?”) and are also made with exceptional quality. Don’t get me wrong – nothing will beat the Tag Monaco when you think of Watches and Motor sport, but Autodromo comes a close second for us.

Our want started with their limited edition Autodromo Monoposto (seen below) – Unfortunately they had already sold out before we could get our hands on one and so instead we purchased the Autodromo Vallelunga, a beautiful watch and also very affordable – Their Motoring Watches are under £300!

Autodromo Monoposto - Watches under £300 - Watch Time

A bit about: The world of Autodromo is the creative vision of founder Bradley Price, an industrial designer who set out to craft unique products that express the spirit of motoring. Our products draw aesthetic inspiration from a golden age of motoring, when driving required style, panache, and perhaps a little bit of danger.

Autodromo’s design philosophy blends a contemporary, minimalist sensibility with mid-century vintage character. The resulting products are equally at home in past and present. Everything we do is designed in-house by our small, passionate team with the goal of creating a special, memorable experience for the discerning individual.