CHEF – Must See Movies.

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CHEF – Directed by Jon Favreau – has to be one of the best feel good movies of 2014… Ever… Life.
It will make you smirk, smile and laugh all the way through, whilst wiggling about in your seat to the fantastic samba / jazz / funk soundtrack.

From beginning to end, you feel like you have joined them on the journey, helped along also with very relatable characters and a beautiful & touching story.
I left the Cinema excited, inspired and wanting to own and start my own food truck.

And putting my marketing cap on for a split second – It really does demonstrate the power of social media and how a simple idea can take flight. Watch the trailer (above), book your tickets and get ready to sit through 1 hour and 55minutes of a smile, food porn and music festival.. with a dash of Sofía Vergara

AND – Listen to this: