Photostyle – the power of a picture

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photostyle B&W chick

Photography is a superbly expressive medium – able to stimulate, trigger and translate emotion, style and capture a mood. The old phrase “a picture speaks a thousand words” is so true if an art director, stylist and photographer gel to create an image that captivates you. It is an art form. We don’t know who took this photo but we love it – credit where credit is due. We are commissioned to capture lifestyle/fashion and the aesthetic beauty of automotive art – sculptures of engineering that carry history or creativity; majestic though brutal, built for purpose – built to win. Or aircraft (particularly old and performance aeroplanes) we are able to evoque the atmosphere through the lens of a still propellor tilted towards the clouds or a chink of light cutting through the dusty, dark, dank air of a rusty hanger door to reveal the sleek, feline lines of a fuselage. Or, photograph a motorcycle – symbolic, a life statement, a lifestyle choice… freedom, individualism, dynamic, energising, liberating. And the people who drive, ride, fly, create, build, restore, love, desire, treasure these things… they all carry a story, etched into their faces the passion, experiences, attitudes – frozen in time to give a snap-shot of life. Is it the machines that attract us or is it the people? Take this photo… no machines but all the rebel and spirit on display – biker chick? Maybe. Rock chick? Maybe. A geek’s alter-ego? Maybe. The power of image.