Driver’s eyes

Posted in Inspiration, Motorsport, Recyc, Uncategorized on 30/06/2018

Francois Cevert, Le Castellet 1973As the saying goes – “the eyes are the window to the soul” – but with race drivers this is possibly the most powerful display of the intense competitive spirit that drives these individuals. The ‘race face’ and the look that can freeze a daisy at a thousand yards… there’s something about a driver’s eyes that set them apart from mere mortals and the moments before the competition starts it intensifies as they get into the zone. We wonder why more brands haven’t tapped into this hugely emotive, symbolic and powerful imagery? There are many examples – Damon Hill and Senna spring to mind but here we have chosen a driver from one of the ‘golden eras’ of motor sport; the 1970s and a Formula One Grand Prix driver that had all the magical qualities that signify a ‘racing driver’ – the style, zest for life and he was fast… Frenchman, Francois Cevert. In a time of great drivers and great danger he was one of those that tragically didn’t survive. The eyes say it all.