Style Icon: The Belstaff Mojave

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Belstaff McQueen Mohave Jacket - Steve McQueen StyleThe Belstaff Mojave jacket is a modern version of the jacket Steve McQueen used to race in and is part of Belstaff’s ‘Pure Motorcycle’ collection. Founded in 1924, in Stoke-on-Trent, by Harry Grosberg, Belstaff has been at the cutting edge of clothing technologies and motorcycle jackets for over 80 years. The first company to use the now famous ‘Wax Cotton’, Belstaff originally produced waterproof, breathable garments for both men and women. Living life in the fast lane is at the core of Belstaff and their jackets – they specialise in garments for aviators and bikers. Protection, safety, and style are embodied in Belstaff, and are represented by the Phoenix symbol on all of their clothing and ranges. Famous faces to pull Belstaff jackets on include championship winning motorcyclist Sammy Miller, and the legendary Che Guevara, who wore the Trialmaster jacket in his motorcycle journey across Latin America.

Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman used Belstaff products on the LONG WAY DOWN and LONG WAY ROUND adventures and the Belstaff brand has featured in the hit TV series ‘Sherlock’ starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

BAFTA winning costume designer Ray Holman was responsible for the costume design in the pilot episode of Sherlock, setting the tone for Sherlock’s look and choosing what is arguably the most popular wardrobe piece of the series. Three identical coats were purchased for the series. This is common practice in case one is damaged or lost during filming, and of course one to be worn by a stunt double. The costume department later added the red buttonhole detail on each of the coats. Belstaff originally discontinued the coat, but after the success of Sherlock and the amount of enquiries they had regarding it, they re-launched it again in August 2010. Sadly, the coat is again currently unavailable to buy.

Belstaff hit the big screen in blockbuster films including Batman Begins, Blade Trinity, Tomb Raider II, Martin Scorsese’s The Aviator and the latest appeared in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – in the scene with Brad Pitt on a Motorcycle.