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Got the message?

Posted in Branding, Current, Marketing on 02/04/2017

Have you got your planets in line, your ducks in a row and are we all on the same page ? Hang on… Got the message?… do you know what the message is; who it’s aimed at or even why ‘it’ is the message?

So, let’s take it you have a crystal clear view and understanding of your brand and an equally clear vision of how you would like that brand message and brand image communicated to the influencers, consumers and loyal stakeholders in your brand.  How to you get that message to your most vital assets; your people. How do you get that message to your prospect customers and existing customers? … that message has to be communicated via your people.

sb:mktg has undertaken a number of brand consultancy projects where we have had to identify, define or refine a brand message and we begin this process by understanding if your business [or brand] is marketing led or sales led. We get right into the engine room – into the sales department, the product development department, marketing and the customer care departments. Is there a consistency or are we getting different messages from each? All too often, regardless of the type of business, we find a gap to be analysed between marketing and sales. The future growth of profitable businesses is invariably fuelled by the success of this department so why is there a stubborn resistance to acknowledge and/or ignorance to the fact that marketing and sales rarely collaborate; marketing plans are made, signed off and implemented with little or no input from sales. A sad fact and the truth can hurt.

sb:mktg recently undertook a project for a ‘fast track’ emerging technology company prior to a high value trade exit. The business had grown quickly and had a sales driven strategy but, marketing had fallen behind in delivering dynamic and compelling marketing collateral, assets and campaigns and had lost it’s way. sb:mktg approached this project as if it were a start up at series ‘A’ funding – is this business/brand fund ready? First, ask questions that may be uncomfortable but will give an intuitive insight and answers. In this case was this business ready to run with the big dogs? sb:mktg identified there were a number of key areas that needed to be addressed: the internal perceived value and understanding of the business’ trajectory was painfully mismatched to the reality, the business was not positioning it’s brand on the world stage and this misperception was damaging motivation, morale and the ability to aggressively take the business into new markets and territories. sb:mktg re-energised the marketing by developing brand communication concepts that revitalised the brand message allowing the market to recognise innovation, market need and product capability. sb:mktg developed the strategy to take the business into Formula 1™ as a platform to enable International business development and position the brand among peers. sb:mktg also introduced integrated initiatives that complimented the motor racing brand awareness, hospitality and networking to involve staff, partners, suppliers and resellers. The result was an enhanced marketing role within the business working collaboratively with sales, marketing providing strategic and tactical support for sales and a marketing communications plan that prepared the business and brand for consistent and sustainable future success.

When we refer to the marketing mix we don’t mean mix your messages! Use the marketing mix to reinforce and reiterate your single brand message, strengthen your brand communications and deliver a message that is consistent with your marketing aims and objectives. In business and branding alike; always start by asking the questions that matter beginning with… Why? Who? Where? When?