motor racing fan engagement

Fan engagement?… it’s more than just joining the dots!

Posted in Current, Marketing, Motorsport Marketing, Sponsorship Activation, Sports Marketing on 05/04/2017

What’s the ROI? The big question. But where does the ROI journey start and how can brands better engage and build a brand relationship and reputation with their target prospect audience[s]? The fan engagement journey extends way beyond the sports event.

There are a lot of questions that need identifying and then answering – questions that a focus group or research will struggle to get close to answering unless they live and breathe the sport that is being invested in or evaluated. We at sb:mktg live and breathe motorcycles, cars and motor racing – we’d like to think we can hold our own in a pub quiz with a room full of avid motorsport fans and petrolheads.

Not wanting to generalise let’s take it that relationships begin with “Do I like the way this brand looks? Do I like their behaviour and the way they talk to me? Does this brand fit with my life or where I’d like my life to be… or how I want my life to be perceived?

Getting the chemistry right is crucial – what type of motorsport will bring you the right eyeballs, drive the right footfall or introduce your brand to the right demographic in the right locations? sb:mktg have the insight and experience to evaluate all these elements and more to ensure your sponsorship strategy and investment will address the criterion set by your marketing plan and the ROI expected by your shareholders and stakeholders.

The next crucial step is to create campaigns that relate to your audience[s] and take an integrated approach and strategy across event/experiential, digital marketing, PR and social media. Be enthusiasts, get excited, share the emotions and have a brand signature and personality that allows the community to want to be a fan and want to follow. To get the content right and time it’s delivery right you have to be there, or minimum, know what content should be delivered and at what time.

The fans need to ‘get it’ before a brand gains acceptance or gets adopted by the fan community. It doesn’t happen quickly and the fans will realise very soon if your brand is just entering ‘their’ space with the intentions of selling stuff. Commitment and immersive involvement plus intelligent and intuitive activation will bring rewards particularly if you have a B2C offering.

Speak their language with the same knowledge, enthusiasm and emotion. Sounds obvious but unfortunately it is hard to calculate how often a potential customer has walked away from an exhibition, display or data capture opportunity when a ‘weekend warrior’ promo staff has failed to relate to the individual who approached them. For example: if you are promoting to a motorcycle or car owner or enthusiast audience please make sure everyone likely to interact with the audience are a) enthusiasts that can hold a conversation about the sport/subject and b) know the product and how it relates or will appeal to the audience. Be relevant; be in context with your audience and allow the brand’s personality to be projected by your brand ambassadors.