Whistle Wetter – The Kraken

Posted in Current, Design, Packaging Design on 24/02/2017

The Kraken™ Rum has by far the most satisfying of tastes on the spiced rum scene, it is strong like the mythical beast itself, rich like the tales of The Kraken’s legend, as black as the deep it once came from and as smooth as the Kraken’s oozing silky ink.

But it isn’t only the taste of the drink that blows all other spiced rums on the market out of the water (no pun intended) – it’s also the branding, bottle design and quirkiness of The Kraken™ that beats them tentacles down (pun intended).

‘Stranger & Stranger’ are the brains behind the bottle and the design and ‘Dead As We Know It’ have handled the communication and deployment of the brand, we must tip our caps to you, terrific job.

If you happen to see it on the shelf whilst you’re picking up your Sailor Jerry’s™ or Captain Morgan’s – Just remember that The Kraken probably, crushed their ships at sea and ate them both!

We will leave you with this message: “Like the deepest sea, The Kraken™ should be treated with great respect and responsibility so please drink responsibly.”